Greater Southern Waterfront to include flats, commercial areas, and recreation

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SINGAPORE — At the size of two Punggols, the 2,000-hectare Greater Southern Waterfront (GSW) will remake and take full advantage of Singapore’s coastline, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at his annual National Day Rally (NDR) speech on Sunday (18 August).

“(It will be) a new place to live, work and play (and) add yet more layers to the city,” said Lee during the English portion of the speech.

The GSW comprises 30km of the southern coastline of Singapore, from the Gardens by the Bay East area all the way to Pasir Panjang. It includes the PSA city terminals at Tanjong Pagar, Keppel, and Pulau Brani

“The city terminals will move to Tuas, by 2027. Pasir Panjang Terminal will also move there later, by 2040. This will free up prime land for re-development,” said Lee, who was speaking at his 16th NDR.

The Keppel Club golf course, whose lease is expiring in two years’ time, will be one of the first GSW developments. “There is enough land here to build 9,000 housing units – HDB and private housing with waterfront promenades, greenery, and open spaces,” said Lee.

He quipped, “With GSW the size of two Punggols, you get a sense of the possibilities. Think of it as Punggol by the Bay.”

Commercial and fun areas

Noting that big companies such as Google, Cisco and Unilever already have offices near Labrador Park, Lee added that the GSW will see the development of more office spaces.

The two old power stations in Pasir Panjang will also be redeveloped for fun and recreation. “We can find creative new uses for them, just like how we made St James Power Station, near Vivo City, into a nightlife destination.”

And after Brani Terminal moves out, Pulau Brani will be developed together with Sentosa, with new attractions on Brani similar to Universal Studios on Sentosa. Land will also be set aside for the labour movement to build a resort, likely on Pulau Brani.

Lee said, “We will revitalise Sentosa’s beach areas and expand its nature and heritage trails, to keep its island character. We will also link up the GSW with all the surrounding green areas from West Coast Park to East Coast Park, and connect up with the Rail Corridor and Sentosa too.”

He added, “With a new green heart in the centre, Singapore will be even more of a City in a garden.”


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